October 19, 2013

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Mind the gender gap - March 8, 2013


Hey, it's rude to point! Photo: Thinkstock


Are we devolving into dingbats? - March 5, 2013


Either you understand this image or you are one


True cheats don't do it alone - Feb 15, 2013


Not the only one up to no good



There's more to love than sex, apparently - Feb 14, 2013


Hope she doesn't notice I stole them from her gardenÂ…


Ponting's career was a feast - Dec 3, 2012

It's just plane stupid - Oct 15, 2012


An exasperated pilot tries to crash his plane into the sun rather than listen to another bloody mobile conversation. Picture: Thinkstock


You say tomato, grocers say tomato's - Sept 29, 2012





A nation uncorked - May 1, 2012




Book decline is sad story - Feb 20, 2012


She's smiling 'coz she's gonna chuck it out the window. Picture: Brianne Makin



Strife in the fast lane - Feb 10, 2012

A quiet evening in Rome




Costa Concordia: Trial by Twitter - Jan 31, 2012


Who's to blame? Well, it's complicated and should be determined by a court of law in line with existing protocol. Picture: AP




The secret life of ants - Jan 16, 2012


Not a sign that is universally recognised…


Everyone loves a quitter - Jan 6, 2012


Hey Bogie, want a cigarette? C'mon. Do you want one?


Happy New Rear! - Dec 31, 2011


Well, if I eat this whole packet now I won't be able to eat any next year…


Tech cricket takes over - Dec 24, 2011


Even StickCricket is more advanced than ever. Picture courtesy: StickCricket