Head Over Heel

Seduced by Southern Italy

A whitewashed fishing village, a shapely signorina and an infatuated Aussie - head over heels on the heel of the boot. This is Chris Harrison's award-winning* story of falling in love with bella Daniela and leaving his Australian life for her sun-drenched Italian home.

Starting off in her village in Puglia, Chris takes us on a vivid and hilarious journey into the heart of southern Italy, along the way introducing us to a cast of eccentric characters. There's a policeman who rearranges crimes to suit the necessary forms, a doctor who prescribes patients his homemade lemon liqueur, and - the biggest challenge of all - Daniela's mamma, who is determined to convert him to the Catholic faith, supervise his choice of underwear, and build a second storey on her stucco home where the unlikely couple might live happily ever after.

Can their relationship possibly survive or will the sweet life turn sour? This is an enchanting tale of amore, Italian style.


Publication details:


Published in Australia and New Zealand by Murdoch Books
ISBN: 9781741960815


*Won The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Prize at the 2008 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. Click here for details.  


Published in the UK, the US, South Africa and Italy by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

ISBN: 1857883521X


Published in Germany by Goldmann/Random House

ISBN: 9783442467730


Published in Poland by Carta Blanca

ISBN: 9788377050842


Published as an unabridged audio book by W.F. Howes

ISBN: 9781407472805


Published in Estonia by Tanapaev

ISBN: 9789949271481